Atavistic Memories

Atavistic Memories

shamanism/psychedelic experience/trasformational psychology/magic
Atavistic Memories

Atavistic Memories depicts a male human figure in the throes of recalling the tracks of his heritage back to the dawn of time.

In displaying numerous characteristics from these epochs, he evokes the behavior and mannerisms of each into the present.

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Roger Williamson Art Newsletter

Number One 2014

Welcome to the Roger Williamson Art fall newsletter.

This months event Doors to the Underworld is the first show by MCPA The Minneapolis Collective of Pagan Artists.



New Items

Tarot of the Morning Star Book (updated reprint)

Includes all 22 color images of the major arcana plus images not used in the published deck.

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Featured Product: White Stag Pillow

White Stag, Invitation to the Quest pillow featuring the image from my 2010 oil painting.

Challenge and adventure was the image I desired to reflect on the mirror of the observer’s mind, particularly that of Arthurian Quest.

White Stag Invitation to the Quest Pillow

 Free Worldwide Shipping on White Stag Pillow Offer ends October 12th, 2014

white stag pillow

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